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Advertising network layer reachability information specifying a quality of service for an identified network flow
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1. A method to specify quality of service for network flows, the method comprising:
accessing, by a system including a processor, a flow specification and a first quality of service class that has been advertised by a first network element that is to receive a first network flow;
constructing, by the system, a packet filter based on the flow specification and the first quality of service class that filters received packets for the first network flow;
in response to determining that an incoming packet belongs to the first network flow, adjusting, by the system and based on the packet filter, bits in the incoming packet from a first value representing the first quality of service class in a first autonomous system from which the incoming packet was received to a different, second value representing the same first quality of service class in a second autonomous system in which the incoming packet is to be routed, wherein the adjusting of the bits generates an updated incoming packet, and wherein the incoming packet is received from a second network element;
assigning, by the system, the updated incoming packet to a first routing queue corresponding to the first quality of service class; and
routing, by the system, the updated incoming packet from the first routing queue towards the first network element.