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Method and system for load balancing in a software-defined networking (SDN) system upon server reconfiguration
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1. A method implemented in a network device coupled to a software-defined networking (SDN) system, the method comprising:
determining that a received packet requires load balancing;
responsively determining whether a matching entry for the packet in a server distribution table contains both a current and a new server selection;
upon determining that the matching entry in the server distribution table contains both the current and new server selection, determining whether there is a matching entry for the packet in a transient flow table, wherein the transient flow table maintains server selections when at least one of a plurality of servers is reconfigured so that at least one traffic flow is to be load balanced from one server to another server; and
upon determining that there is a matching entry for the packet in the transient flow table, forwarding the packet according to the matching entry in the transient flow table.