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System, method, and computer program for augmenting a physical system utilizing a network function virtualization orchestrator (NFV-O)
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1. A method, comprising:
operating a Network Function Virtualization Orchestrator (NFV-O) module within a physical network system, wherein the physical network system includes:
a purely physical element, and
a plurality of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs);
monitoring, by the NFV-O, data traffic being processed by the purely physical element within the physical network system, including monitoring the data traffic for a traffic load and a traffic type, where the data traffic is being processed by the purely physical element without use of the plurality of VNFs;
responsive to the monitoring, determining, by the NFV-O, that flow of further data traffic directed towards the purely physical element should be modified, based on the traffic load, the traffic type and a time of day; and
virtually augmenting the purely physical element using at least one VNF of the plurality of VNFs, including directing at least a portion of the further data traffic from the purely physical element to the at least one VNF for processing thereof by the at least one VNF, when the NFV-O module determines that the flow of the further data traffic should be modified.