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Method, device and system for establishing label switched path
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1. A method for establishing a label switched path (LSP), the method comprising:
allocating, by a proxy node, a first label for a destination node;
generating, by the proxy node, a label mapping message, wherein the label mapping message carries the first label, an address of the destination node and an address of the proxy node;
sending, by the proxy node, the label mapping message to an upstream node of the proxy node to initiate establishment of a first LSP from an entry node to the proxy node;
during the establishment of the first LSP, using a routing table at the upstream node to match the address of the proxy node allocating a second label for the destination node when a route is matched that reaches the proxy node; and
stitching, by the proxy node, the first LSP with a second LSP to form a third LSP from the entry node to the destination node, wherein the second LSP is an LSP established between the proxy node and the destination node, and wherein the first LSP and the second LSP are LSPs of different protocol types.