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System and method for discriminating nature of communication traffic transmitted through network based on envelope characteristics
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1. A system for distinguishing between a plurality of remote sites accessed through a network interconnection by a local site based upon envelope characteristics of communication signals transmitted in packets therebetween, comprising:
a capture processing portion executing to time-capture a plurality of segments of the communications signals transmitted during an interconnected session established between one of the remote sites and the local site;
a parsing processing portion coupled to said capture processing portion to selectively generate for each of the interconnected remote sites at least one envelope signal indicative of at least one resource allocation response thereof during the interconnection session, each said envelope signal being separately defined by values of at least one predetermined envelope parameter acquired from the time-captured segments, said parsing processing portion being executable to:
separate the time-captured segments into corresponding chain segments within at least one action sequence based on at least one predetermined packet header parameter and an inter-packet time gap parameter of the communication signals,
form for each remote site a plurality of action sequences each defined by a corresponding chain of packet segments, successive action sequences being delineated based on the inter-packet time gap parameter of the communication signals,
form an envelope sub-signal for each of the action sequences according to the predetermined envelope parameter values, and
concatenate a plurality of said envelope sub-signals to form said envelope signal; and,
a signature processing portion coupled to receive said envelope signal from said parsing processing portion for each interconnected remote site to be identified, said signature processing portion executing responsive to said envelope signal to generate a characteristic signature for uniquely identifying the interconnected remote site, newly-captured communication signal segments being thereby classified in remote site origination based on said characteristic signatures of identified remote sites.