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Sampling phase difference compensation apparatus and method, and communication device capable of compensating sampling phase difference
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1. A sampling phase difference compensation apparatus, comprising:
a signal generator, generating a first signal and a second signal, outputting the first signal to a first path in a first time interval, and outputting the second signal to a second path in a second time interval, wherein the first and second time intervals are different, and the first and second paths are different;
a signal analyzer, receiving a transmitted first signal from the first path and a transmitted second signal from the second path, and performing a predetermined calculation on the transmitted first and second signals to determine a phase difference relationship between the transmitted first and second signals, wherein the phase difference relationship is associated with a frequency-dependent phase difference and a sampling phase difference, the transmitted first signal is associated with the first signal and the transmitted second signal is associated with the second signal; and
a compensator, performing a sampling phase difference compensation according to the phase difference relationship.