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Peak suppression device
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1. A peak suppression device using an impulse signal for a multicarrier signal, the peak suppression device comprising:
a memory; and
a processor configured to be coupled to the memory, wherein
the processor executes a process comprising:
acquiring a first envelope and a second envelope of a first carrier signal and a second carrier signal that are included in the multicarrier signal, the first envelope corresponding to the first carrier signal and the second envelope corresponding to the second carrier signal;
adding the first and second envelopes to generate a combined envelope;
detecting peak timings from consecutive peaks larger than a target value by using the combined envelope, the consecutive peaks being generated by the multicarrier signal;
calculating a difference value between an amplitude value at each of the detected peak timings and the target value;
generating first and second impulse signals depending on the difference value, the first impulse signal being adjusted for a phase according to the first carrier signal, the second impulse signal being adjusted for a phase according to the second carrier signal; and
suppressing the first carrier signal using the first impulse signal and suppressing the second carrier signal using the second impulse signal.