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Millimeter wave phase shifters using tunable transmission lines
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1. A transceiver, comprising:
one or more front ends configured to transmit and receive signals according to a beam direction;
a power splitter/combiner configured to split a transmission signal to each of one or more front ends and to combine received signals from each of the one or more front ends; and
one or more tunable transmission line phase shifters that communicate signals between respective front ends and the power splitter/combiner, wherein each tunable transmission line phase shifter comprises:
a signal line;
one or more grounding lines;
one or more crossing lines below the signal line in proximity to the signal line and substantially perpendicular to a longitudinal direction of the signal line, wherein the crossing lines conform to the shape of the signal line along at least three surfaces of the signal line and wherein the crossing lines have a tunable capacitance; and
an inductance return line below all of the one or more crossing lines substantially parallel to the longitudinal direction of the signal line, wherein the inductance return line provides a tunable inductance proportional to the tunable capacitance.