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Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
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1. An information processing apparatus provided in a fourth network, comprising:
circuitry configured to:
connect to a first server and a first device provided in a first network, a second server and a second device provided in a second network, and a relay server that is provided in a third network and that stores a device list including an entry for each of the first device and the second device and including connection information with respect to the first server and the second server;
receive the device list including the entry and the connection information from the relay server, the connection information providing information for the information processing apparatus to initiate remote access to the first server and the second server;
initiate said remote access to the first server and the second server based on the connection information; and
instruct, based on the initiated remote access to the first server and the second server, the first device to
retrieve content from the second device, and
reproduce the retrieved content on the first device,
wherein the first network, the second network, the third network, and the fourth network are distinct from each other.