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Network device configured to track multicast receivers
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a first network device adapted for communication with one or more other network devices;
the first network device comprising a processor coupled to a memory;
the first network device being configured:
to originate a first route identifying a first tunnel for carrying traffic for a multicast;
to originate a second route specifying a leaf information requirement for the multicast but not initially identifying any tunnel for carrying traffic for the multicast; and
to track a plurality of receivers of the multicast based at least in part on leaf information received from the multicast receivers responsive to the specified leaf information requirement of the second route;
wherein the first route has a first tunnel attribute that identifies the first tunnel and the second route comprises a selective route having a second tunnel attribute configured to indicate that it carries no tunnel information; and
wherein the second tunnel attribute of the selective route is configured to indicate that the second route carries no tunnel information by setting a tunnel type field of the second tunnel attribute to a predetermined value.