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URL-based certificate in a PKI
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1. A non-transitory computer readable medium for allocating an address to enable publishing of a certificate in an addressable database accessible via a communications network, wherein a location of said database is publicly known within the communications network, said non-transitory computer readable medium comprising computer executable instructions for:
receiving a certificate generation request from a client device via said communications network;
obtaining a certificate locator by applying a mathematical function to information in said certificate generation request, wherein said certificate locator identifies an address within said database at which to store said certificate; and
enabling publishing of said certificate, once issued, in said database at said address within said database, said publishing enabling another device in said communications network to retrieve said certificate using said location of said database and said certificate locator,
said certificate location received by said another device from said client device,
said client device having generated the certificate locator from said certificate generation request in the same manner.