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Receiver, transmitter, communication system, and communication method
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1. A receiver connected to a plurality of transmitters through photon communication channels and data communication channels to generate cryptographic keys for the respective transmitters such that an identical cryptographic key is shared with the receiver and the concerned transmitter, the photon communication channels being used for receiving photon strings by time-division multiplexing performed using photon timeslots, the data communication channels being used for performing data communication, the receiver comprising:
a first quantum key sharing unit configured to generate a shared bit string through quantum key distribution with each of the transmitters via a corresponding photon communication channel;
a first key distilling unit configured to generate the cryptographic keys from the respective shared bit strings by a key distillation process;
a first data communication controller configured to receive from each of the respective transmitters first information indicating information about the corresponding cryptographic key of the respective transmitter via the corresponding data communication channel; and
a calculator configured to calculate the photon timeslots based on at least the first information, wherein
the first data communication controller is configured to transmit the photon timeslots calculated by the calculator to the transmitters.