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Method and apparatus for cancellation of interference from a spread spectrum phase lock loop
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1. A system comprising:
a signal mitigation module; and
a spread spectrum phase lock loop comprising:
a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO);
an adjuster operable to apply an adjustment to an output of the VCO;
a frequency source;
a controller operable to generate control voltage for the VCO based on an output of the frequency source and an output of the adjuster; and
a sinusoidal wave generator operable to generate at least a first output and a second output, wherein the first output is applied to at least one other component of the spread spectrum phase lock loop and the second output is applied to the signal mitigation module;
the spread spectrum phase lock loop is operable to generate an output based on at least the output of the VCO; and
the signal mitigation module is operable to process the output of the spread spectrum phase lock loop, based on the second output of the sinusoidal wave generator, to reduce interference.