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Communication system using low bandwidth wires
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1. A method for reconstruction of a reference signal transmitted in a communications system between a master unit having a master local oscillator and a remote unit having a remote local oscillator, the master and remote units connected by conductive wires, the reference signal being transmitted over the conductive wires together with a signal which is down-converted from an original high frequency signal to an intermediate frequency signal at the master unit and up-converted back into the original high frequency signal at the remote unit, the method comprising:
at the master unit, embedding the reference signal as a carrier of a management signal using a master modem;
transmitting the management signal with the embedded reference signal over the conductive wires to the remote unit;
at the remote unit, reconstructing the reference signal from the management signal using a phase locked loop (PLL), wherein the PLL comprises a phased detector, a charge pump, a voltage controlled crystal oscillator and a capacitor; and
using the reconstructed reference signal for synchronizing the remote local oscillator with the master local oscillator,
wherein the management signal comprises a management data bit stream and wherein the step of reconstructing the reference signal from the management signal further comprises using a charge pump shutter coupled to the PLL and synchronized with the management data bit stream to keep the reconstructed reference signal stable.