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Non-linear modeling of a physical system using direct optimization of look-up table values
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1. A method utilizing a modeling system for producing a digital pre-distortion processing device (PDPD) for a non-linear system, comprising:
receiving, at an input of the modeling system, a physical electronic signal from said non-linear system by applying a set of input samples x(n) to said non-linear system and providing an output y(n) of said non-linear system as the physical electronic signal at the input of the modeling system;
storing non-transitory information related to the physical electronic signal in a non-volatile memory of the modeling system;
directly computing, utilizing a processor of the modeling system, parameters Φ of a non-linear system memory model for said non-linear system from the information related to said physical electronic signal, wherein said memory model comprises one or more look-up tables of said PDPD having linear interpolation and wherein said parameters Φ produce a substantially minimum mean square error; and
producing said PDPD by writing, at an output of the modeling system, said parameters Φ for storage as entries in said one or more look-up tables to a memory of said PDPD to form the processor that provides digital pre-distortion in the non-linear system;
said parameters Φ are computed using a tri-diagonal auto correlation matrix; and
said directly computing of said parameters Φ to produce a substantially minimum mean square error comprises finding a minimum of a cost function given by:
Φ is a vector comprised of model parameters comprising entries for the look-up tables;
T indicates a Transpose matrix;
U is of a form:

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Λ is a triangular basis function;
m is a row of U;
n is a column of U; and
xn is an output of said non-linear system, given yn as an input.