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Systems and methods for asynchronous re-modulation with adaptive I/Q adjustment
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1. A receiver system, comprising:
a radio antenna configured to receive a first modulated signal from a remote transmitter;
an I/Q demodulator configured to use a local oscillator to demodulate the first modulated signal to a first in-phase (“I”) receive signal and a first quadrature (“Q”) receive signal, the first modulated signal being previously modulated using a transmitter oscillator that is not synchronized with the local oscillator, the transmitter oscillator residing in the remote transmitter;
an I/Q signal adjuster configured to adaptively adjust the first I receive signal or the first Q receive signal based on one or more first control signals;
an I/Q modulator configured to modulate the first I and Q receive signals as adjusted to generate a first transitory receive signal;
a downstream demodulator configured to demodulate the first transitory receive signal; and
a transmitter circuit configured to transmit one or more second control signals to the I/Q signal adjuster, the one or more second controls signals being generated based on a value indicative of a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in the first transitory receive signal, the one or more second control signals being generated to adaptively adjust a second receive signal or a second Q receive signal to attempt to increase SNR in a second transitory receive signal generated by the I/Q modulator using the second I and Q receive signals as adjusted, the second I and Q receive signals being generated by the I/Q demodulator based on a second modulated signal received from the remote transmitter.