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Coding scheme and multiframe transmission in optical networks
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9. A method comprising:
transcoding data into aggregated data;
generating forward error correction bits for the aggregated data;
generating an alignment value that specifies how content is aligned within an optical frame;
generating a bit interleaved parity value for the aggregated data;
serializing the aggregated data to produce serialized data;
generating the optical frame including the serialized data, the forward error correction bits, the bit interleaved parity value, and the alignment value, wherein generating the optical frame comprises arranging the aggregated data into a plurality of payloads, inserting the bit interleaved parity value into a first header of a plurality of headers of the optical frame and inserting at least a portion of the alignment value into a second header of the plurality of headers of the optical frame; and
transmitting the optical frame over a transmission link of an optical network.