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WDM single fiber ring protection
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1. A node for a single fiber bidirectional WDM optical ring network, the node having:
a first optical protection switch having first and second ports for coupling to respective first and second adjacent portions of the single fiber bidirectional ring, while providing a pass through optical path for wavelengths on the bidirectional ring to pass between the first and second adjacent portions,
the first optical protection switch also having a further port for coupling to an external optical path, external to the bidirectional ring,
the first optical protection switch having a control input for receiving an indication of fault in the bidirectional ring, and
the optical protection switch being operable to selectively couple the further port to the first port and the second port according to the indication of a fault, so as to selectively provide a bidirectional working path between the further port and the first port and a bidirectional protection path between the further port and the second port, and so as to maintain the same optical path on the bidirectional ring for both directions of the bidirectional selected wavelengths.