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Algebraic generators of sequences for communication signals
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21. A device for modulating a communication signal, the device comprising:
a transceiver for receiving and transmitting the signal;
a storage medium storing computer implemented programme code components to generate sequences; and
a processor in communication with the storage medium and the transceiver to execute at least some of the computer implemented programme code components to cause:
generating a family of shift sequences or arrays using exponential, logarithmic or index functions and a polynomial or a rational function polynomial in i εp−1 for a finite field p of prime p;
substituting multiple columns of the arrays with pseudo-noise sequences in a cyclic shift equal to the shift sequence for the respective column to generate a substituted array; and
applying the substituted array, or a sequence unfolded from the array when the array dimensions are relatively prime, to a carrier wave of the communication signal to generate a modulated communication signal.