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Systems and methods for small cell uplink interference cancellation using cooperation between small cells
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1. A method of managing uplink interference at a base station, the method comprising:
transmitting, from the base station, a request for assistance information relating to interfering uplink transmissions from one or more inter-cell user equipments to a neighboring base station;
receiving, at the base station, a wireless transmission comprising the assistance information from the neighboring base station in response to the request, the assistance information comprising a parameter list of ongoing transmissions by the one or more inter-cell user equipments associated with the neighboring base station, the ongoing transmissions of the one or more inter-cell user equipments causing uplink interference to an uplink channel of the base station; and
performing uplink interference cancellation, at the base station, on at least a portion of a received signal based on the assistance information to generate a resulting signal in response to receiving the assistance information.