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Precision measurement of transmit power using loopback calibration in an RF transceiver
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1. A method of calibrating a transmit power of a communications transceiver, comprising:
transmitting a periodic signal at a selected frequency from a transmit channel in the transceiver, at a first programmed power setting;
measuring a first power level of the transmitted signal as amplified by a receive amplifier in a receive channel of the transceiver, the first power level proportional to a gain of the receive amplifier;
measuring a second power level of the transmitted signal as received by the receive channel of the transceiver and bypassing the receive amplifier;
producing, from the transmitted signal as received by a loopback reference channel in the transceiver, a processed signal at an amplitude proportional to a regulated voltage;
measuring a third power level of the processed signal;
calculating the gain of the receive amplifier from a ratio of the first and second power levels; and
calculating an absolute power level corresponding to the first programmed power setting from a ratio of the second and third power levels;
wherein the transmit power of the communications transceiver is calibrated based on the absolute power.