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Method for setting maintenance association MA, apparatus, and system
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1. A method for setting a maintenance association (MA), wherein a correspondence between a maintenance association (MA) and a maintenance association end point (MEP) and a correspondence between the MEP and an optical network unit (ONU) are set on an optical line terminal (OLT), wherein the MA comprises an MA virtual local area network (VLAN), and the MEP comprises an MEP VLAN; and the method comprises:
sending, by the OLT, a configuration message to the ONU to which an MEP belongs, wherein the configuration message carries an MEP whose MEP VLAN has a valid value and an MA whose MA VLAN has an invalid value, so that the ONU to which the MEP belongs uses the MA in the configuration message as a local MA, and uses the MEP VLAN in the configuration message as a packet forwarding VLAN.