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Multimode elliptical core optical data transmission
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1. An optical transceiver, comprising:
an optical transmitter configured to launch a first transmission beam onto a multimode optical fiber, having an elliptical core, without splitting the first transmission beam into distinct polarizations, said optical transmitter comprising:
a mode converter configured to convert each of a plurality of optical beams to distinct respective spatial modes;
a modulator configured to modulate date onto each of the plurality of optical beams; and
an optical combiner configured to combine the plurality of optical beams into the first transmission beam; and
an optical receiver configured to receive a second transmission beam from a multimode optical fiber, having an elliptical core, without detecting distinct polarizations in the second transmission beam, said optical receiver comprising:
a mode de-converter configured to split the second transmission beam into a plurality of optical beams, each having a distinct respective spatial mode;
a plurality of sensors, each configured to convert a respective optical beam to an electrical signal; and
a demodulator configured to demodulate the plurality of electrical signals to extract respective data from each of the plurality of electrical signals.