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Mitigation of multi-path interference from quasi-single-mode fiber using hybrid span configuration and digital signal processing
Shaoling Zhang, Princeton, NJ (US); Fatih Yaman, Monmouth Junction, NJ (US); Yue-Kai Huang, Princeton, NJ (US); Ezra Ip, Plainsboro, NJ (US); and Yoshihisa Inada, Tokyo (JP)
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1. A method for mitigating multi-path interference (MPI) in a long-haul optical communications system comprising the steps of:
configuring each fiber span of the system with a hybrid span of fiber, said hybrid span including a length of quasi-single-mode fiber (QSM) and a length of single-mode fiber (SMF) such that the overall fiber nonlinearity and MPI is reduced by at least half as compared to a link of QSM fiber over the same distance;
configuring the system to include an Asymmetric Least-Mean Square (ALMS) equalizer wherein the ALMS equalizer operates to shift its center tap towards the right if a higher mode transmits slower than a fundamental mode else the center tap is shifted to the left such that the number of equalizer taps employed is reduced by at least ⅓ as compared to a standard Decision-Directed Least-Mean Square (DD-LMS) equalizer; and
introducing a low-baudrate sub-banding signal into the system such that MPI is effectively compensated and a number of decision-directed least-mean square (DD-LMS) equalizer taps employed is reduced as compared with a high-baudrate signal.