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Method for communicating in a magnetic resonance apparatus and magnetic resonance apparatus operating therewith
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1. A method for communicating an information signal to an interior of a patient receptacle inside of a magnetic resonance (MR) data acquisition scanner of an MR apparatus, said MR data acquisition scanner having illumination lighting inside of said patient receptacle that emits light that illuminates the overall interior of said patient receptacle, said method comprising:
providing an input information signal to a control circuit situated outside of said patient receptacle and, in said control circuit, generating an electrical control signal that represents information in said input information signal;
communicating said control signal to said illumination lighting inside of said patient receptacle, and operating said illumination lighting with said control signal to embody said information in the light emitted by said illumination lighting;
detecting said light embodying said information with a light detector circuit situated in the interior of said patient receptacle and, in said light detector circuit, recovering said information from the detected light and converting said information into an output information signal; and
communicating said output information signal to an acoustic signal generator situated in the interior of said patient receptacle and, in said acoustic signal generator, converting said information signal into an acoustic signal, and emitting said acoustic signal from said acoustic signal generator in the interior of the patient receptacle.