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Base station apparatus and transmission method
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1. A communication apparatus using a multi-antenna array, the communication apparatus comprising: a codebook storage which, in operation, stores an extended codebook which is generated by combining a first basic codebook and a second basic codebook along a column direction, wherein the first basic codebook includes N groups, each consisting of four basic pre-coding column vectors (N is a natural number equal to or larger than 2), and wherein the second basic codebook is generated by applying phase offsets to the N groups, respectively, each of the phase offsets applied to the N groups being different from each other; a receiver which, in operation, receives, via the multi-antenna array, information including a pre-coding matrix indicator (PMI) that identifies one pre-coding extended column vector from among 4N pre-coding extended column vectors included in the extended codebook, from a terminal apparatus; and a transmitter which, in operation, pre-codes data using the pre-coding extended column vector identified by the PMI and transmits, via the multi-antenna array, the pre-coded data to the terminal apparatus.