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Privacy enhancing device case
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1. A device case, comprising:
a body configured to hold an electronic device, the electronic device comprising a device back side with a back facing camera lens and a front side with a user interface display and a front facing camera lens; and
a movable lens cover comprising at least a proximal panel and a distal portion, the distal portion depending from the proximal panel, the proximal panel movably attached to the body, the movable lens cover movable into any of either one of:
a back covering position wherein the back facing camera lens is covered while the user interface display and the front facing camera lens are exposed, or
a front and back covering position wherein both the front facing camera lens and the back facing camera lens are covered while the user interface display is exposed,
wherein the body cooperates with the movable lens cover to hold the movable lens cover in either the back covering position or the back and front covering position.