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Supply modulators with voltage and frequency partitioning
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1. An envelope tracking supply modulator, comprising:
a split-path input configured to receive an envelope signal having an amplitude;
a switching regulator coupled to the split-path input and including:
a pre-amplifier having an input coupled to the envelope signal and another input coupled to a threshold voltage signal; and
a pulse frequency modulator and a pulse width modulator both coupled to the pre-amplifier, wherein the pulse frequency modulator and the pulse width modulator are configured to operate alternately to generate a switched signal based on a comparison result between the envelope signal and the threshold voltage signal at the pre-amplifier;
a digital linear regulator also coupled to the split-path input and configured to generate a linear output signal based on the received envelope signal; and
a summing circuit electrically coupled to the switching regulator and the digital linear regulator and configured to sum the switched signal and the linear output signal to produce a summed signal that generally tracks the amplitude of the envelop signal.