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High-throughput compression of data
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1. A method, in a data processing system, for high-throughput compression of data, the method comprising:
responsive to receiving an indication of a match of a current 4-byte sequence from an incoming data stream to stored hash values in a set of hash tables:
setting an active match variable (active_match) equal to one (1);
setting an active position variable (active_pos) equal to a match position (match_pos) of an increment variable (j) (match_pos[j]);
setting an active length variable (active_len) equal to 4 minus the increment variable (j); and
setting an active distance variable (active_dist) equal to a position variable (pos) plus the increment variable (j) minus the active position variable (active_pos);
responsive to receiving a subsequent 4-byte sequence from the incoming data stream and determining that the active match variable (active_match) is set to one (1), comparing the subsequent 4-byte sequence to data in a copy of the incoming data stream in memory at the active position (active_pos) with a predefined length offset;
setting a constraint variable (k) to a number of bytes for which the match is to be extended; and
responsive to the constraint variable (k) being below a predetermined number, outputting a length (L), distance (D) pair indicating a match to a previous pattern in the incoming data stream, wherein the length (L) of the matching pattern that is set to the active length (active_len) plus the constraint variable (k) and the distance (D) is set to the active distance (active_dist).