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Sub-ranging SAR analog-to-digital converter with meta-stability detection and correction circuitry
Ronak Prakashchandra Trivedi, Bangalore (IN)
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1. An article of manufacture comprising a sub-ranging analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for generating a digital output value corresponding to an analog input signal, the sub-ranging ADC comprising:
a coarse ADC that generates bit values corresponding to most-significant bits (MSBs) of the digital output value;
a fine ADC that generates bit values corresponding to least-significant bits (LSBs) of the digital output value, wherein the fine ADC generates successive analog approximation signals for the analog input signal;
meta-stability (MTS) detection circuitry that compares a current approximation signal to a previous approximation signal to detect a coarse-ADC MTS condition in the coarse ADC; and
a controller that controls operations of the sub-ranging ADC to correct for a detected coarse-ADC MTS condition.