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Spread spectrum clock generator, electronic apparatus, and spread spectrum clock generation method
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1. A spread spectrum clock generator, comprising:
a phase comparator to compare a reference clock with a feedback clock to obtain a comparison result;
a low-pass filter to pass a predetermined low-frequency component from a signal of the comparison result to obtain a filtered signal;
a phase lock loop including a voltage-controlled oscillator that generates an output clock whose frequency corresponds to the filtered signal;
a triangular wave controller to generate a triangular wave signal for frequency-modulating a spread spectrum clock based on the output clock;
a delay controller to generate the feedback clock by controlling delay of the output clock based on the triangular wave signal;
a first counter to count the output clock to output a first count value;
a second counter to count the reference clock to output a second count value; and
a phase error correction circuit to compare the first count value with the second count value for period that is a cycle or a multiple of the cycle of the frequency modulation and correct phase error of the output clock by modifying a shape of the triangular wave signal so that the first count value matches the second count value based on the comparison result.