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PLC high speed counter and operating method thereof
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1. An operating method of a programmable logic controller (PLC) high speed counter configured to count a pulse and transmit a generated count value to an external device, the method comprising:
counting, when the pulse is input, the pulse in a linear count manner and generating a count value;
storing the count value in a buffer as a current linear count value;
determining, when a current value request is input from the external device, a mode of the PLC high speed counter; and
transmitting, when the mode of the PLC high speed counter is determined to be a ring counter mode as a result of the determining, a current ring count value to the external device,
wherein the current ring count value is calculated by the following

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wherein RINGMAX denotes a maximum ring count value, RINGMIN denotes a minimum ring count value, and FLOOR( )denotes a FLOOR function.