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Method of using a field-effect transistor as a current sensing device
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1. An apparatus comprising:
one or more registers;
an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) configured to generate a first digital value corresponding to a difference in voltage levels between a first terminal and a second terminal of a transistor;
a sensor configured to measure a temperature; and
control logic configured to:
generate a control voltage level at a control terminal of the transistor;
receive the first digital value from the ADC;
read at least one value of a plurality of values stored in the one or more registers, wherein the plurality of values correspond to a characteristic of the transistor at a respective one of a plurality of temperatures;
during a first operational mode, determine, based on the first digital value, the at least one value of the plurality of values, and the temperature, a current passing through the transistor; and
during a second operational mode, update, based on the temperature, one or more values of the plurality of values.