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Capacitive sensitive key structure
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1. A capacitive sensitive key structure, comprising:
at least a key comprising a key body and a connection wall connected to the key body and adapted to deform when pressed against by the key body, thereby enabling the key body to move;
a fixing pad connected to the connection wall, wherein a through hole is disposed at the fixing pad, corresponds in position to the key body and penetrates the fixing pad;
a substrate connected to a side of the fixing pad, wherein a circuit unit and a sensing layer coupled to the circuit unit are disposed at the substrate and correspond in position to the through hole; and
a conductive portion disposed between a bottom of the key body and the substrate and corresponding in position to the sensing layer from above, wherein, when the key body is pressed and moved to drive the conductive portion to move and separate from the sensing layer by a predetermined distance, electrostatic changes occur between the conductive portion and the sensing layer such that the circuit unit sends an electrical signal for driving a function of an electronic apparatus;
wherein the connection wall encloses and defines a receiving space and is integrally formed with the fixing pad, the fixing pad sealingly attached to the substrate to avoid external moisture intruding into the receiving space, and the key further comprising a support component sealingly disposed in the receiving space, the support component comprising a body, a conical wall extending from the body, a buffering space disposed inside of the conical wall, and an extending pad disposed at an end of the conical wall and attached to the substrate, wherein a top surface of the body abuts against the bottom of the key body, and the conductive portion is disposed on a bottom surface of the body and inside the buffering space.