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Wireless device
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1. A wireless device comprising:
an amplifier that amplifies electrical power of a signal that is wirelessly transmitted;
a calculating unit that selects first samples and second samples, between which a difference in electrical power or phase is within a first range, in a predetermined number of first samples and the predetermined number of second samples corresponding to a first signal that is a signal before amplification in the amplifier and a second signal that is a signal after amplification in the amplifier, respectively, and that calculates a cumulative value for each of the selected first samples and the selected second samples, and that calculates a phase difference between the first signal and the second signal by using the cumulative value;
a correction unit that corrects the phase difference by using a correction amount calculated from the phase difference; and
an updating unit that updates, by using the first signal and the second signal of which the phase difference is corrected, a distortion compensation coefficient that is used to compensate nonlinear distortion generated in the amplifier.