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Apparatus and method for power supply modulation
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1. An apparatus for amplifying a radio frequency transmission signal, the apparatus comprising:
an envelope signal obtaining unit configured to obtain a slow envelope signal indicating a time averaging amplitude component of the radio frequency transmission signal and a fast envelope signal indicating an instant amplitude component of the radio frequency transmission signal;
a supply voltage modulating unit configured to provide an output modulated supply voltage to the power amplifying unit by modulating a direct current supply voltage based on both the synchronous slow envelope signal and the fast envelope signal,
wherein the supply voltage modulating unit further comprises a slow modulator and a fast modulator synchronously,
wherein the slow modulator is supplied with the direct current supply voltage and configured to provide a first intermediate supply voltage to the fast modulator by modulating the direct current supply voltage synchronously based on the slow envelope signal; and
a power amplifying unit configured to amplify power of the radio frequency transmission signal according to the output modulated supply voltage.