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Dynamically setting a threshold output level for a solar array
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1. A method for managing a solar array, the method comprising:
measuring light using a threshold sensor to generate sensor data; and
computing a selected threshold for an electrical output generated by a plurality of solar cells in the solar array based on the sensor data using control logic in a control module,
wherein the solar array comprises:
the plurality of solar cells;
a plurality of groups of reflectors
the threshold sensor; and
the control module,
wherein the control module identifies eight selected source positions around a current light source position when the electrical output is below the selected threshold the control module,
wherein the control module calculates the angle of a reflector of the group of reflectors relative to a corresponding solar cell of the plurality of solar cells and an angle of light incident on the reflector,
wherein the control module applies a voltage determined by a voltage tilt curved stored in control module, and
wherein the voltage is applied to an actuation device associated with the reflector.