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Motor control apparatus having a function of detecting miswiring
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5. A motor control apparatus configured to be connected to n (n≧2) motors via wiring lines, comprising:
n motor drivers for driving the respective n motors based on current command through the wiring lines connected between the motor drivers and the motors;
n current commanders for commanding supply of current including reactive current to the n motor drivers through the wiring lines; and,
miswiring detectors that respectively acquire motor temperature-indicating signals detected by n motor temperature detectors provided for each motor through wiring lines to detect miswiring of the wiring lines connected to the n motors,
wherein when the m-th (m≤n) current commander commands to the m-th motor supply of reactive current which is phase current that does not contribute to rotation of the motor, the miswiring detectors detect presence or absence of miswiring based on the change of the motor temperature of the m-th motor.