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Power conditioning units
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1. A method of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in a power conditioning unit for delivering power from a DC power source to an AC circuit output, the power conditioning unit including an energy storage capacitor for storing energy from the DC power source and a DC to AC converter delivering AC power to the AC circuit output, the method comprising:
tracking a maximum power point (MPP) of the DC power source by controlling the DC to AC converter to convert energy stored in the energy storage capacitor to AC power for the AC circuit output, wherein tracking an MPP comprises:
sensing, at a circuit node coupled to the energy storage capacitor, a signal responsive to a level of power drawn from the DC power source;
determining whether the level of power is increasing or decreasing relative to a previously sensed level of power; and
controlling a frequency of the DC to AC converter to maintain operation of the power conditioning unit at the MPP based at least in part on whether the level of power is increasing or decreasing.