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Wake up management circuit for a switching converter and related wake up method
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1. A control circuit for a switching converter, comprising:
a first sensing circuit configured to detect a change in voltage at a secondary winding of a transformer;
a second sensing circuit configured to detect current flow in a primary winding of the transformer;
a third sensing circuit configured to detect a voltage in an auxiliary winding of the transformer;
a pulse width modulation (PWM) drive circuit configured to control said current flow in the primary winding of the transformer in response to the detected current flow and a control signal indicating a desired current flow;
a comparator circuit configured to compare the detected voltage in the auxiliary winding to a reference voltage and generate a compare signal;
a wakeup circuit responsive to the detected change in voltage at the secondary winding and configured to generate a reference signal; and
a multiplexing circuit configured to select between the compare signal and the reference signal for application as the control signal to the PWM drive circuit;
wherein said wakeup circuit further responds to the detected change in voltage at the secondary winding by causing the multiplexing circuit to select the reference signal.