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Transformer flux estimation and limiting in isolated DC-DC voltage converters
Darryl Tschirhart, Torrance, CA (US); and Amir Babazadeh, Laguna Hills, CA (US)
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1. A voltage converter, comprising:
a power stage coupled to an input power source, the power stage comprising one or more power switches;
a transformer comprising a primary winding coupled to the power stage, and a secondary winding;
a conditioning circuit coupling the secondary winding to an output node that is operable to supply power to a load of the voltage converter; and
a controller operable to:
generate pulse-width modulated (PWM) waveforms for controlling the one or more power switches, wherein each of the PWM waveforms is comprised of a series of PWM pulses;
estimate magnetic flux within the transformer based upon at least one of a voltage across the primary winding and a voltage within the conditioning circuit;
detect an overflux condition in which a magnitude of an estimated magnetic flux has exceeded a flux magnitude limit for the transformer; and
responsive to detecting the overflux condition, truncate a pulse within the series of PWM pulses of the PWM waveforms before the PWM waveforms are provided to the one or more power switches.