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Artificial ripple modulation control circuitry
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1. A power supply system, comprising:
power switch circuitry configured to switch an input voltage of a power supply to generate a switched input voltage;
output circuitry including an inductor to generate an output voltage of the power supply from the switched input voltage;
pulse width modulation (PWM) controller circuitry configured to generate a PWM signal to control the power switch circuitry, wherein the PWM controller circuitry is further configured to turn OFF the PWM signal based on a ramp signal that emulates, at least in part, current of the inductor and a feedback signal indicative of an error between the output voltage and a reference voltage; and
inductor ripple current and slope compensation voltage emulation circuitry configured to receive a signal proportional to the input voltage of the power supply and the PWM signal and generate the ramp signal that emulates the current of the inductor.