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Magnetic device comprising an acceleration unit acting on the translator
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1. A magnetic device comprising at least one magnetically excited stator (1) and one magnetically excited translator (2), which translator (2) is movable along a translator movement path (3) in a translator movement direction (4) relative to the stator (1),
wherein the stator (1) is a permanent magnet and the translator (2) is an electromagnet, or the stator (1) is an electromagnet and the translator (2) is a permanent magnet, or the stator (1) is an electromagnet and the translator (2) is an electromagnet,
wherein a magnetic force F(x,J), x being the distance between stator and translator and J being the current density of the electromagnet, is formed between stator and translator,
the translator (2) being coupled, at least in portions of the translator movement path (3), to an acceleration unit (5), which on coupling the translator (2) with the acceleration unit (5) generates an acceleration force condition comprising at least a corrective force Fcorr acting on the translator (2),
when the translator (2) is moved away from the stator (1), the sum total of the forces F(x,J) acting on the translator (2) in the translator movement direction (4) due to magnetism and Fcorr of the resulting force profile is greater than or equal to zero,
so that the translator (2) can be separated from an attractive force F(x,J) generated by the stator (1) and the translator (2) acting as one magnet
by means of the following corrective force in case of a resulting symmetrical force profile:
or by means of the following corrective force in case of an asymmetrical force profile: