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Electric machine, conductor guide and associated method
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1. An electric machine comprising:
a rotor;
a stator including a plurality of teeth defining a pocket between each adjacent tooth and a plurality of windings, each of said plurality of windings positioned around one of said plurality of teeth; and
a leakage current shielding system including:
a plurality of leakage current shields, each of said plurality of leakage current shields including a flexible body portion thereof, the body portion defining a body portion width thereof, the body portion being conformable from a planar shape to a body arcuate shape, the body portion of each leakage current shield positioned in one of the pockets and closely conforming to the adjacent teeth when in the body arcuate shape and a connecting portion integral with the body portion, the connecting portion defining a connecting portion width thereof the connecting portion width being substantially narrower than the body portion width of the body portion, the connecting portion extending from the body portion and conformable from a planar shape to a twisted shape in a connecting orientation substantially different from a body orientation of the connecting portion, the body orientation being the orientation of the connecting portion where the connecting portion connects to the body portion;
a connecting ring for securing a plurality of connectors; and
each of said plurality of connectors mounted to the connecting ring, positioned adjacent one of the plurality of windings and having a conductive portion that directly receives and secures the connecting portion of said leakage current shield when the connecting portion is in the twisted shape in the connecting orientation, the connecting portion being conformable to the connecting orientation while the body portion is in the body arcuate shape.