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1. A motor comprising:
a stationary portion; and
a rotating portion configured to rotate about a rotation axis extends in a vertical direction; wherein
the rotating portion includes:
a shaft extending along the rotation axis; and
a rotor configured to rotate together with the shaft;
the stationary portion includes:
a stator located radially outside of the rotor; and
a magnetic sensor located above the rotor to detect a rotational position of the rotor;
the rotor includes:
a tubular rotor core including a ferromagnetic body and fixed to the shaft;
a rotor magnet located radially outside of the rotor core and under the magnetic sensor, in contact with the rotor core or located opposite to the rotor core with a first gap intervening therebetween, and including an upper end surface located at an axial level higher than an axial level of an upper end surface of the rotor core; and
at least one rotor holder including a ferromagnetic body, and located above the rotor core and radially inside of the rotor magnet, the rotor holder being defined by laminated steel sheets;
the rotor core is defined by laminated steel sheets placed one upon another in an axial direction; and
the rotor holder includes an outer cylindrical portion in contact with the rotor magnet or located opposite to the rotor magnet with a second gap intervening therebetween.