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1. A motor bobbin around which a coil is to be wound, the motor bobbin comprising:
an insulating paper; and
a molded resin article, wherein
the insulating paper defines a body of the motor bobbin, a portion of the insulating paper being suspended with support by the molded resin article only at opposite ends of the insulating paper such that the suspended portion of the insulating paper is not in contact with the molded resin article,
the insulating paper and the molded resin article are connected and fixed to each other without using an adhesive agent,
a surface of the insulating paper in contact with the molded resin article comprises an aramid paper comprising an aramid fibrid and an aramid short fiber,
the insulating paper being formed of a melt-extruded and thermally melt-bonded resin onto the aramid paper comprising the aramid fibrid and the aramid short fiber, the surface of the insulating paper comprising the aramid paper having a surface treatment, the surface treatment being at least one of a plasma surface treatment, a corona surface treatment, and a liquid immersion surface treatment, and
the motor bobbin being formed of a molten portion of the molded resin article brought into contact with the aramid paper.