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Method and system for wireless battery charging utilizing ultrasonic transducer array based beamforming
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1. A method of processing signals, the method comprising:
in an ultrasound power transmitter device comprising a transmit ultrasonic transducer array having a plurality of transmit ultrasonic transducers:
activating a set of said plurality of transmit ultrasonic transducers in a proximity of an ultrasound power receiver associated with a first electronic device and an ultrasound power receiver associated with a second electronic device; and
transmitting via said activated set of said plurality of transmit ultrasonic transducers, ultrasound signals comprising ultrasound energy to said ultrasound power receivers, wherein said ultrasound energy is utilized by each ultrasound power receiver to charge an electrical battery that powers the electronic device associated with the ultrasound power receiver, wherein the ultrasound signals transmitted from the power transmitter device to the first and second devices further comprise device pairing information to pair the first and second electronic devices to establish communication between the first and second electronic devices.