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Battery intelligent management method, battery intelligent management apparatus, and battery
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1. A method for battery intelligent management the method comprising:
detecting, by a battery intelligent management apparatus, an accumulated time of power grid disconnection within a preset time, and an accumulated time of a high temperature during which a working temperature of a battery exceeds a preset temperature within a preset time;
recognizing, by the battery intelligent management apparatus, a specification of a power supply assembly of the battery according to the detected accumulated time of power grid disconnection or the accumulated time of the high temperature, wherein the battery intelligent management apparatus stores a plurality of management modes of power supply assemblies of various specifications, wherein the management modes of the power supply assemblies are in one-to-one correspondence with the specifications of the power supply assemblies; and
extracting, by the battery intelligent management apparatus, a management mode corresponding to the recognized specification of the power supply assembly from the battery intelligent management apparatus; and
performing charge management on the power supply assembly using the extracted management mode.