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Smart junction box for photovoltaic solar power modules with safe mode and related method of operation
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1. A smart junction box for a photovoltaic solar power module, comprising:
a positive terminal and a negative terminal for connecting the solar power module to a solar array;
a transmitter circuit for transmitting at least a shut-down signal and a restart signal;
a receiver circuit for receiving at least the shut-down and restart signals produced by the transmitter circuits in other smart junction boxes in the solar array;
a nonvolatile memory having at least a first state and a second state and arranged to:
transition to the first state in response to the receiver circuit receiving the shut-down signal; and
transition to the second state in response to the receiver circuit receiving the restart signal;
a plurality of bypass circuits serially connected between the positive and negative terminals, each bypass circuit comprising:
a bypass diode disposed to protect a group of photovoltaic cells from reverse bias,
an electronically controlled switch connected in parallel with the bypass diode, and
a control circuit for at least closing the electronically controlled switch while the nonvolatile memory is in the first state; and
a power supply circuit arranged to receive power from the positive and negative terminals for providing energy to at least the transmitter, receiver, nonvolatile memory, and control circuits.