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Mobile energy storage module
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1. A mobile energy storage module with an enclosing module comprising at least one power connection interface and at least one data interface, wherein the energy storage module in a module housing additionally comprises a flywheel module having a plurality of flywheel energy storage units which are connected to the at least one power connection interface via a DC link to provide a common module storage capacity and module output, a vacuum module for generating a minimum vacuum in the respective flywheel energy storage units required for operating the flywheel module, and a module control system that is configured to appropriately control the modules in the module housing, such as at least the flywheel module and the vacuum module, wherein the module housing is configured in a suitable manner to ensure safe transport of the modules disposed therein and absorb static and dynamic loads of the flywheel energy storage units during operation, wherein the flywheel module comprises a common frame carrying bearings of the flywheel energy storage units and being configured to allow a pre-mounting of the flywheel energy storage units to the frame outside the module housing such that the flywheel module as a whole can be inserted into and removed from the module housing.